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Chilled Out

White wine cocktail with Yuzu and Osmanthus


    This uber refreshing aperitif gives you light fizz, a crisp aftertaste and a velvety floral aroma all wrapped up in the Night In bottle. As you drink Chilled Out, be sure to let the starry bubbles rush in while the stressors of your day rush out. 

    This is a pack with 6 bottles. 1 bottle = 8.4FL oz | 5.9% ABV   




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Enjoy chilled or straight from the bottle

  • YUM

    Different from regular wine and cocktails. YUZU!! Like Japanese lemon. YUM.

    Victoria B.

  • Simply Lovely

    Different from what I’ve had before, tasty, refreshing, simply lovely. Loved it.

    John Doe

  • I’ve never tasted anything like it & I loved it!

    Beautiful and convenient packing to take on the go with you or stock in your fridge. Light, crisp and refreshing especially when cold. The citrus and floral notes are very apparent & it has the perfect mix of wine in it. I’ve never tasted anything like it & I loved it!

    Penny D.