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Is Night In for me?

Night In is for anyone (of legal drinking age, of course) who enjoys winding down in the comfort of their own home while sipping a flavorful craft beverage. So, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

Can you tell me more about your wine base?

In order to cultivate a balanced flavor profile, we use a blended wine as our cocktail base that is made from multiple grape varietals. Our blended wine is quality consistent, well-rounded and pairs well with the fruit flavors of our beverages. 

We source domestic wine that is grown and blended in Southwest Michigan. 

Can you tell me more about the ingredients? 

We use balanced, high-quality ingredients in all of our products - with no additives, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners. See below for the ingredient breakdown of each drink.

Chilled Out (white wine cocktail): carbonated water, white wine, cane sugar, citric acid, yuzu juice, natural osmanthus flavor

Unwined (red wine cocktail): water, red wine, cane sugar, citric acid, plum juice concentrate, natural plum apricot flavor

How can I find out more about the nutrition information?

We love that you want to know all the details about your favorite drink, we are the same! Nutrition information for a small batch product is tricky because the product differs from batch to batch, season to season. This means that the nutritional value varies as well.

We have applied for a nutritional label exemption that the FDA allows for small batch products such as ours.

There’s about 117 calories and 9 grams of sugar in one serving (250ml, 8.4FLoz).

How should I store Night In?

Night In is shelf stable. However, take it from us, it tastes best when chilled. 

Is Night In natural?

We use natural juice and flavors to craft our beverages.

Is Night In packaging recyclable? 

Yes! Our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Are Night In beverages served in a bottle or a can?

It's a can in a bottle shape. We designed our product to give you the feel of holding a bottle; still ensuring that it’s lightweight, highly portable and non-breakable. It is made from 100% recyclable aluminum. 

How can I stay up to date on new products and releases?

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